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At The Graduate Project, our commitment extends far beyond traditional graduate recruitment. We firmly believe that a degree holds timeless value, and we enthusiastically welcome individuals who have acquired qualifications through their valuable experiences (Qualified By Experience - QBE). Our dedicated team is here to provide unwavering support to candidates who possess a combination of practical expertise and academic achievements. In fact, we have witnessed a significant rise in interest from our clients, as more and more people are pursuing higher education later in life.

First, Second and Third Base

Our team of expert consultants is well-versed in helping fresh graduates secure their first positions after completing university. As our candidates progress in their careers, many of them return to us when they are ready to embark on new professional journeys. If we have already played a part in securing an amazing role for you, simply reach out to your assigned consultant, and we will be thrilled to assist you in advancing even further.


Degrees Never Expire

Frequently, candidates approach us with the question of whether there is an expiration date on their degrees. It is worth noting that an increasing number of employers seek educated professionals who can step into senior roles within their organizations. Consequently, your degree and your eagerness to continue learning hold significant value. While certain aspects of the knowledge you gained years ago may have evolved, the fundamental thought processes and foundations remain just as relevant.


Specialized Qualifications

Do not worry if you don't hold a degree; we are equipped to support you regardless. Whether you are currently pursuing or have already obtained a specialized qualification in a particular field, we offer an extensive range of roles tailored to propel your career forward.

Please see a small list below as an example:

  • Accountancy – AAT / CIMA
  • Human Resources – CIPD
  • Marketing – CIM Qualification

If you have already gained valuable professional experience or are currently working towards a professional qualification, and you are now looking to progress in your career, we have a wide range of roles available to propel you forward.

We not only offer recruitment services for individuals who wish to continue within their existing specialization, but we also provide comprehensive support and guidance for those considering a sector switch. Our team is well-equipped to assist you in navigating this transition, offering valuable insights and resources to help you make a seamless shift and excel in your new career path.


Do I Need a Professional Qualification?

By obtaining qualifications that align with the requirements of your job, you not only enhance your CV but also stay current with the latest industry trends, ensuring that your skills remain sharp and applicable. While we have confidence in your existing skill set, there are several advantages to diversifying your capabilities and adding another valuable skill to your repertoire.


Thirst For Knowledge / Access To More

Exploring new qualifications unlocks a world of educational possibilities and personal growth. Take, for instance, the journey from accomplishing Level 3 in HR practice to advancing to Level 5 HR Management. This pathway broadens your horizons, empowering you to reach new heights and attain remarkable professional accomplishment


Career Opportunities

Your organization may need you to hold certain qualifications before you can progress. This could mean the more qualifications you hold the further opportunities you have to progress. Opening these opportunities gives you a better chance of securing the role that gives you work-life balance.

If you are currently employed, your organization may offer financial assistance or the time for you to embark on qualifications. Showing your employer that you are eager to learn new skills and gain a qualification also highlights your commitment to the sector and shows that you have a natural hunger for progression. This commitment can lead to your employer opening further avenues for you and a potential for a better salary package.



The knowledge you gain can often lead to valuable connections. Attending professional courses allows you to interact with other professionals in your field, including industry leaders. The individuals you meet during these courses may possess diverse skills and connections from various sectors, expanding your network and presenting new collaborative opportunities.


Personal Fulfilment 

Knowledge is power, and while financial rewards are undoubtedly appealing, the sense of personal accomplishment is unparalleled. Pursuing qualifications keeps you motivated in both your career and personal life, fostering a deep sense of fulfilment and self-growth.

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