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If you are looking for new recruits for your company, you have already come to the right place.

The Graduate Project will take you through the whole evaluation process to support your search for the perfect candidate. We will give you advice on your job specification, a review of the industry sector you belong to and more specifically, sector insight relating to salaries within this field. We will share recruitment procedures and preparation of an induction programme for a new recruit. We believe these processes are imperative and coupled with our expertise will enable you to find your ideal new employee.


What are the benefits of hiring graduates? 

  • Graduates are keen to learn and develop – Being new to the job market means they are determined to do their best and want to impress by learning and absorbing as much information as possible.
  • ROI – The return on your investment in a graduate is high. They can come in at a competitive rate and also provide healthy competition to existing staff
  • Open Book – Graduates have no solid preconceptions to the work environment; they are open to ideas and flexible.
  • Piece of the puzzle - Graduates can be moulded to fit into the specific long-term needs of your business
  • Tech & Trends – Graduates, especially recent graduates are not only extremely comfortable with technology but it comes as second nature to the majority of them. They are also on trend for current market knowledge especially if your business is aligned with Millennials
  • New Ideas – Graduates are analytical and very curious, so naturally they will have different perspective and may question how things work. This will encourage your organisation to look at its current approaches
  • Not just a degree – Having just a degree is not enough in the current employment market. Majority of students are building up their profiles and experiences via internships and extracurricular activities, they understand they have to stand out from the crowd and they can bring that same energy to your office


What are the benefits of hiring experienced professionals with a degree/ qualification?

  • Less Risk – Risk takers are essential for business to grow, however there always needs to be balance. Having experienced professionals with degree/qualification means they can take a measured and qualified approach to business decisions
  • Grounded – Qualified professionals are well grounded. Compared to recent graduates, qualified professionals have more self awareness and are more likely to know what they want and who they are and stay long term rather than changing careers.
  • Multi Skilled – A seasoned professional has built up various experiences through the years of work and life. These experience means that they can work in diverse roles and can wear different hats when required. This edge can increase business efficiency.
  • Leaders – Yes they have experience which is great, but the major asset is having experienced qualified professionals in your business to Lead and drive the business forward. These leaders also create the next set of leaders from your graduate cohort.
  • Flexibility – In today's climate it is not only permanent skilled workers that organisations need, skilled experienced contractors are now gold dust. Experienced qualified professionals are known to hit the ground running and are ready to do critical work on a short-term basis to cater to needs of the organisation.

What are the benefits of recruiting interns?

  • Best talent first – Graduate recruitment is super competitive. Getting great talent in early is now essential. Taking on an intern means you can see how they work and potentially offer them a position a full year before they are due to leave university and months ahead of the competition who recruit graduates during their final year of study
  • Future workforce – Implementing an internship programme, can generate a pipeline of future graduate employees. You can reduce the time spent on recruiting by having future stars already interested in working with you. 
  • Increase your visibility – Having an intern programme or hiring an intern increases you employer branding. Organisations which offer internships especially paid internships are often looked at in a positive light. Also a happy intern is a brand advocate.
  • More Productivity – The extra set of hands and brainpower will help to increase an organisations productivity. Taking on an intern to help with certain tasks can help free up time for other members of staff.
  • Fresh Perspective – An intern will not only bring new energy into the office but also a fresh perspective which can spark new ideas and initiatives.   

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