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Delivery Team Manager

Personality Questionnaire 


The zombie apocalypse is coming, who do you want on your team?

Shakaura & Lucy


If you had to eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?

Protein Pasta & Salmon


What is your favourite TV show?



What is your favourite animal?



Who is your favourite fictional character? Would you trade places with them?

Spiderman, Yes I would trade places


What’s your dream holiday destination?

Outer Space


If you could live in one fictional universe, which one would you choose?

Harry Potter Universe


What is your favourite song?

Starboy - The Weekend


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£33,000 - £33,000

Company And Role Overview –

Attention all administrative wizards! Our client is on the hunt for a vibrant Lead Administrator to spearhead a thrilling role brimming with possibilities. We're seeking individuals with unparalleled administrative finesse and an unbridled enthusiasm for crafting unforgettable member experiences that resonate with our company's core values. Are you ready to embark on this exhilarating journey?

Main Responsibilities –

  • Collaborating seamlessly with all team members within the Training & Workforce Unit to uphold a consistently stellar level of service, offering assistance across various member-facing helpdesks, encompassing broader workforce, educational, and training inquiries
  • Efficiently processing expense claims and payment requests while maintaining stringent financial administration standards
  • Providing comprehensive administrative backing for meetings and initiatives, including event coordination related to training programs and pathways to registration
  • Representing the organization at conferences and gatherings as needed, such as Careers Fairs, International Congress, and other pertinent events
Requirements –
  • Possess a degree or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution
  • ???????Demonstrate previous experience in a comparable settings
  • Showcase a solid history of providing top-tier customer service
  • Exhibit exceptional time management abilities, adept at efficiently handling one's workload

£50,000 - £50,000

Company and Role Overview 

The incumbent in the role of Senior Employee Relations Advisor will be tasked with fostering robust professional connections throughout the organization. They will engage in ER initiatives as instructed, offering guidance, mentorship, and instructional sessions to stakeholders on optimal approaches to handling various facets of employee relations matters. These may encompass disciplinary actions, grievances, attendance monitoring, probationary periods, restructuring endeavours, and TUPE transitions. Moreover, they will conduct training sessions and provide coaching to managers, empowering them to proficiently oversee their teams while mitigating potential risks. We are seeking an adept Senior Employee Relations Advisor to assist the team during a demanding workload phase.


  • Engaging in designated personnel initiatives under the direction of the Head of HR
  • Providing coaching and guidance to managers regarding policies, procedures, best practices, and risk identification
  • Serving as a reliable and confidential advisor to the organization on employee relations matters
  • Advocating for diversity and inclusion by promoting awareness of values and behaviours and setting a positive example
  • Maintaining and updating the ER Case log


  • Possession of CIPD Level 5 qualification or comparable experience
  • Proficiency in IT, including Microsoft 365 and HR Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Strong communication abilities
  • Sensitivity and understanding of issues related to 'Violence against Women and Girls' from a feminist perspective
  • Adaptability and willingness to embrace new challenges, ideas, and experiences, with the capacity for self-reflection
£29,000 - £29,000

Company and Role Overview 

To collaborate with the Systems Administrator in overseeing the day-to-day administrative tasks. Offering 2nd Line / 3rd Line assistance to both staff and students, coordinating with external parties like contractors and engineers to ensure timely and within-scope project completion. Enhance existing solutions and explore new products to align the school's IT provisions with the needs of students and staff. Assume the role of Lead AV engineer for livestream solutions and venues, taking the lead in researching and steering the school towards a cloud-centric approach. Serve as the Project Lead for EMA Exams and manage Cloud Platforms including School Post, Google Admin, and Firefly.

Main Responsibilities 

  • Assume a leading role in advancing Firefly integration within departments, ensuring up-to-date data and providing support to teachers
  • Provide front-line IT Helpdesk assistance, offering IT support to both staff and students
  • Collaborate with the Systems Administrator to uphold the accuracy and security of the Asset inventory register. Implement robust and effective procedures for security tagging, retiring outdated hardware, and onboarding new hardware
  • Oversee the management of WEEE Waste processes and suppliers, ensuring meticulous documentation is recorded and readily accessible


  • Strong communication proficiency, both in written form and over the telephone
  • Capability to uphold stringent confidentiality standards for sensitive data and information
  • Background in working within an educational setting
  • Possess effective interpersonal skills and the capacity to inspire and energize others
  • Demonstrate confidence in assisting staff and students with Office 365, iSAMS, Mac OS, Windows 10 / 11 usage
£550 - £550

Shape the Future of London's Transport: Be a Data-Driven Product Owner at TfL!

Ever wanted to revolutionize the way millions of people experience London's transport? As a Senior Product Owner at Transport for London (TfL), you'll be at the forefront of innovation, using data and Agile practices to develop game-changing solutions that transform journeys across the city.

This is no ordinary PO gig. You'll be:

  • A data Jedi: Deep-dive into your chosen area (revenue solutions, user interfaces, transport systems, or data products) and harness its power to solve real-world challenges.
  • An Agile champion: Craft a product roadmap that excites stakeholders and delivers measurable impact through iterative development.
  • A bridge between worlds: Foster seamless collaboration between technical teams and business stakeholders, ensuring everyone's on the same page.
  • A user advocate: Champion their needs, designing intuitive and seamless experiences that make getting around London a breeze.
  • A changemaker: See your ideas come to life and witness the direct impact you have on millions of lives.

Are you a:

  • Strategic thinker: You connect the dots between data, functionality, and user needs, seeing the bigger picture.
  • Agile enthusiast: You thrive in fast-paced environments, embracing continuous improvement.
  • Communication ninja: You articulate complex concepts clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Empathetic leader: You inspire and motivate your team, building trust and fostering collaboration.
  • Data whiz: You understand the power of data and translate insights into actionable strategies.

Bonus points if you have:

  • Experience in your chosen product area (revenue, UI, transport, or data)
  • A proven track record of successful product ownership
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A passion for making a positive impact!

Ready to join a team that's shaping the future of London's transport? We are! Apply now and take your product ownership skills to the next level. This is more than just a job; it's an opportunity to make a real difference.

£400 - £400

Are you ready to shape the future of London's transportation? Transport for London (TfL) is on the lookout for a dynamic Senior Software Developer to lead the charge in implementing cutting-edge software solutions. This is not just a job; it's an opportunity to make a lasting impact on one of the world's most iconic transport systems.

Why Us:

As a Senior Software Developer at TfL, you'll be at the forefront of designing, developing, and configuring applications that power our Revenue, Online, and Corporate domains. Join us on this 24-month contract with the exciting potential for a 12-month extension.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Tech Maestro: Design, develop, and configure applications, components, and tools following the technical plans set by our Development Technical Lead.
  • Standards Champion: Contribute to and follow Software Development Standards and Best Practices, taking ownership of complex technical development challenges alongside our expert team.
  • Team Player: Organize, conduct, or participate in meetings and delivery events, ensuring quality and efficiency in our agile environment.
  • Quality Upholder: Uphold the principles and standards of Technology and Data, delivering work that's high quality, robust, and aligned with agile priorities.
  • Strategic Planner: Take charge of development plans, forecasts, and budgetary estimates, ensuring consistent and timely project planning.
  • Governance Support: Create technical material for governance processes, including architecture and change review.
  • Tech Visionary: Provide development expertise and insight for the evaluation of new technologies, keeping us at the forefront of innovation.
  • Defect Fixer: Fix software application defects in line with agreed developer operations practices, ensuring our applications run seamlessly.

Expertise Required:

  • Tech Savvy: Your expertise lies in designing, developing, and configuring applications with a strong focus on quality.
  • Standards Aficionado: You're committed to following and contributing to Software Development Standards and Best Practices, ensuring excellence in every project.
  • Team Dynamo: Meetings and delivery events are your playground, ensuring efficient communication and fostering a collaborative team environment.
  • Quality Advocate: You uphold the principles and standards of Technology and Data, delivering work that exceeds expectations.
  • Strategic Mindset: Your ability to plan development, forecast, and estimate budgets makes you a crucial part of our strategic vision.
  • Governance Guru: Your knack for creating technical material supports crucial governance processes, showcasing your commitment to robust systems.
  • Tech Trailblazer: Your insights into new technologies keep us on the cutting edge, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.
  • Defect Detective: Fixing software defects is second nature to you, and you ensure our applications run seamlessly.
Join Our Innovation Journey:
This is a rare chance to be part of a transformative journey at the heart of London's transportation. Apply today and let your skills shape the future.
2-year contract with a possible 12-month extension.
Lead the way in shaping London's transport tech—apply now!