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Interview Preparation Guide

Being prepared for an interview is essential. Everything included in The Graduate Prep guide will help you give a winning performance. 




Self Assessment

Be confident and know your strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to give examples of weaker areas you have worked on to improve. 

Be involved, but don’t ramble

The most effective interviews take place where an active two-way conversation prevails. Be sure to monitor how long you are spending on your answers, be clear, precise and to the point. 1-2 minutes is the maximum you want to spend on each question. 

Polish your examples

Being caught off-guard by an unconventional question can be a nightmare. You can’t always predict what questions will come up but you can rely on having plenty of polished examples to relate to any difficult questions that comes your way. 

Research, research, research

Know everything there is to know about the company, what markets they work in, number of employees, their values etc. This effort demonstrates your resourcefulness, sincere interest and curiosity 


Be enthusiastic and friendly

First impressions count, a negative first impression will have a big impact on your overall evaluation. Be friendly and greet everyone with a smile and a firm handshake. 

Communicate concisely and listen carefully

Thoughtful and concise communication is key to successful interviewing. Be sure to answer exactly what the interviewer has asked and offer legitimate examples to support this answer. 

Make it clear what you want

Make it clear that based on what you have heard you are looking to progress with this company and want to go to the next round of interviews. Try and close a specific date and time for your next interview before you leave. If anything this will give you an indication of their interest level and help speed up the process at the same time. 
Preparation Guide 

Sell yourself!

An interview is your chance to sell yourself, be sure to detail what you will offer the company: • An outstanding level of hard work • A competitive winner attitude • Drive, motivation, resilience, ambition • Fantastic team player • Ability to thrive in high pressured, target-driven environments • Enthusiasm and positivity • Know what your biggest achievements are to date. 

Play to win

You have one objective in this interview and that is to receive an offer. Don’t let you guard down and become informal, regardless of how casual the meeting may seem. Don’t swear or use colloquial words like ‘mate’ or ‘cheers.’