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Tips for Recent Graduates on Navigating Remote Working

  • May 01, 2024

In recent years companies worldwide have been going through a transitional period, particularly since the Corona Virus Pandemic that occurred throughout the year 2020. Because of that, there has been an increase in remote working with 85% of employees currently working from home wanting a ‘hybrid’ approach to both home and office work.    

Whilst the majority of individuals value what working from home offers, such as convenience and flexibility, it also comes with its unique set of challenges, especially for those who are new to this arrangement, such as graduates. There are many practices that can encourage a more enjoyable work-from-home space allowing you to thrive in the skills necessary to be able to go above and beyond in your job and get the most out of remote working. 


Communication is essential
Although remote working has its face-to-face limitations it is important to recongise the importance of frequent communication. Taking the initiative to communicate with your colleagues through multiple communication channels such as by asking questions, discussing campaigns and keeping up to date with different tasks removes the void of confusion surrounding completing assignments.   


Take breaks to recharge

Taking short regular breaks is essential as it allows your body to recharge. Removing yourself from your workspace by getting lunch or having a coffee allows your mind to be able to refocus and complete the task at hand to a higher standard.  


Integrate a normal work routine

Establishing a “normal” work routine allows you to set boundaries between work and home life. Although working from home gives you the ability to be able to dress how you feel most comfortable it can also disrupt the boundaries between work and life balance.


Set up a dedicated workspace
Setting up a dedicated workspace Enables you to establish a distinct divide between professional obligations and personal well-being. This will ultimately lead to better productivity and decrease the chance of burnout.

Overall, to effectively manage and navigate working from home it is important to establish clear communication, defining clear expectations of what tasks are required of you to avoid confusion and foster a sense of virtual community.   

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