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Practising Self Care In The Workplace

  • March 29, 2022
Practising Self Care In The Workplace

Practicing self-care can be tricky at the best of times, but especially whilst in the workplace.

This can be particularly hard because it often isn’t easy to prioritise yourself - but this is what you have to do.

Some tips as to how to do this are:

  •  Ensure you are using your breaks effectively - try to leave your desk and get a break from your work screen, you could go for a walk, read, or socialise on this time.
  • Make your desk feel more relaxing - clutter around your workspace can make you feel distracted and stressed, be sure to keep it as clean as possible.
  • Stretch - it is easy to be sat in one position without moving and will make you feel a lot more tense, so stretching is key to keeping you feeling fresh and ready to work.
  • Drink plenty of water - this will help you to stay hydrated and energised.
  • Listen to music - if it is possible, listening to music whilst working can seriously heighten your sense of wellbeing, it will boost your mood and energy listening to music that brings you joy.
  • Have clear boundaries - whether it is with your coworkers, your boss, or yourself, know your limits and don’t feel obliged to enter discussions you are not comfortable with etc.
  • Know when to say no - do not take on excess work, this will only lead to a lot more stress and burnout.
  • Ask for help - leading on from the last point, don’t let your work overwhelm you completely, ask your coworkers or boss for any support.
  • Try to make an office friend - doing this will mean that you have somebody who you can talk with who is in a similar position to you and so can relate with, a support system is integral for your day to day work life.
  • Try not to let mistakes ruin your day - everybody makes mistakes, you are not alone in this, usually mistakes can be resolved so there is no need to put extra stress on yourself for making one!
  • Make your boss aware of your mental health - your boss is there to support you in any way that they can, so allowing them to know how you are feeling is the best way to keep your workplace a positive space to be in for your wellbeing.

By prioritising your own self-care at the workplace it can be not only beneficial to you but also your workplace as you will likely be healthier, consequently taking fewer sick days since there will be less stress and strain on your body and mind. This is why self-care is integral for everybody as even though it is a personal process the outcome affects everyone around you too.

It is not a selfish thing to prioritise yourself over work. It should be expected and a regular practice among the working world.