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How to Better Your Company Culture

  • December 23, 2021
How to Better Your Company Culture

Are you struggling to find a secure company culture that sticks?

Here are some ways to target this desire and work on your company culture. These can generally vary in sub groups throughout the company but will ultimately hold the same values as the larger company does as a whole.

This may seem really daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few ways in which you can enrich your company.


This is something I always recommend in any aspect of life, but it is inevitable to have any kind of good relationship. Allowing your company to feel comforted in hearing that they are truly being heard by their workplace. This will promote a happier environment for all of your staff, they know that if they have any concerns the company will listen to what they are saying and will help in any way possible.

Recognise and Reward Good Work

Ensuring that people are being treated well for doing good deeds for the company is a surefire way to encourage this kind of work again and again. Not only is this a positive thing for your employee but it also ultimately helps the company too. A happy workplace is a productive workplace. Being praised or rewarded in another way would actively encourage the employee to work harder in the future to try to reap a similar reward.

Address Mental Health

With a big emphasis being put on mental health over the past few years, it is key that companies also put an equal level of importance on this topic. It is key to have open discussions with your staff about their own mental health, sharing tips and tricks you may know but to also try to encourage them to get external help if they feel they need it! Staff who are constantly feeling rundown mentally and physically are not going to stay very loyal to your company, show that you care about their wellbeing and staff retention rates will be a lot better.

Prioritise Feedback

Whether this is praise or constructive criticism, employees need to know if they are doing their job to the best standard. This ensures that there is constant productivity as people will be

aware of how best to do stuff and whether they have been doing anything wrong or not. The only way for employees to learn from their mistakes is if they are told what should be changed, meaning the workplace would be a lot more efficient.

Make Tough Decisions

Clearly, this will be a tricky one but it is always for the best. A hard conversation or decision ultimately leads to what is best for the company. If an employee is not held accountable for their mistakes then you will inevitably have a toxic workplace environment. Though it is difficult, letting people go who are not doing their fair share of the work, it is simply the right thing to do so the staff that are doing well see that their hard work actually is important.

Embrace Flexibility

This again is becoming more and more of an important aspect to workplaces. Allowing your staff a little bit more freedom will increase their loyalty to the company. This can be from allowing them to work from home, being more understanding with parents needing last minute time off, or just any staff member needing to take leave.

Help Employees Advance Their Careers

As well as praising your employees when they do well, they are likely looking for the chance to further advance their career by working with your company. One of the biggest reasons that an individual leaves their jobs is that they can no longer advance with their current employer. So, do whatever you can to help your employees with the career path by promoting them whenever possible. If this is limited there are always extra training courses that could be provided too