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How Can Your Company Fight Climate Change?

  • October 19, 2021
How Can Your Company Fight Climate Change?

We all know that the world is in desperate need for people to try and fight climate change, but what can companies do to try to help the planet in whatever way they can?

Here are some ways that a company can alter their business to help save the planet, one computer screen at a time.


Turn off electronics when leaving the office

Okay, this one is obvious… Switching off lights, turning off computers and extension leads in general. You do not need all of this on overnight if there is nobody in the office. Reducing your energy consumption will not only lessen your energy bills, but will also lessen your impact on the environment.


Reduce office waste

This can be achieved in a multitude of ways. Single use plastics put a big toll on the environment. Maybe instead of having disposable cups and cutlery, encourage your employees to bring in their own that they can wash up and consistently reuse. This way there will be less stuff thrown away everyday.

If this does not seem possible, bring in a way to efficiently get rid of the waste - check to see if anything can be recycled. Some companies, with harder to recycle products, offer services where they will recycle them for you if you give them your waste.


Opt for environmentally friendlier equipment

When it is time to buy new equipment, do your research. Whether this is just new light bulbs or a new computer, try your best to choose the item which is the most energy efficient and will be sustainable. It is best to have sustainable products, constantly changing out equipment is not good for the environment and it is very costly for the company.



How your employees get to and from work can have an unnecessarily bad impact on the environment. Try to encourage the whole team to travel to work either on public transport or, if that is not a possibility, to do car shares with other members of the office. This will greatly reduce the company’s carbon footprint (and each individual person in the office’s).

This can also be achieved by offering more work from home opportunities! If your employees are at their houses to do their work they will not need to travel at all, therefore having no negative impact on the environment in regards to their travel on these work from home days.


Opt for greener energy suppliers

Renewable energy - energy from sources that are naturally replenishing and in theory is inexhaustible. Switching to a renewable energy supplier is great for your company as it will significantly reduce your company’s climate footprint. If it is possible, this is a way to greatly help to fight climate change.


Talk with your team

Each business will have different needs and ways of doing things, so it could be best to get solutions that are more personally tailored to your company’s needs. If you discuss with other members from your office they may have unique solutions to reducing your climate footprint that may not be suggested online since outside sources will not know how your company is run.

Not only will this help show how much your employees mean to the company, it will also help you with innovative ways to help the environmental burden which your company is responsible for.


Spread the message

If you take the time to truly educate your staff about ways to fight climate change, it will begin a chain reaction starting from your company of people becoming more aware and lessening their carbon footprint.

If your company also makes a public statement that they are trying to do better for the world, other companies might be inspired to follow suit and therefore more work will be put into the planet.