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Finding Your Dream Job

  • October 07, 2021
Finding Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job… It sounds very daunting, yet exciting.


Some people try their entire lives to find the job that feels like their calling, some people stumble across it by accident in their first ever job. No two people have the same experience with this mission.

A dream job would be one that an individual would find truly fulfilling, making them excited to go to work in the morning and feel like they are making a difference in the world with their work.

Here are some things to think about when trying to decide on what your dream job may be.


Assess your past

- This will prevent you from repeating mistakes you have already made, you will be able to see what has worked well and what hasn’t over the years.

- Doing this you can see what sort of office space works for you: do you want more work flexibility, specific working hours, the ability to work from home?

- You will also know what aspects of your old work life you no longer want in your new career, maybe you want fewer presentations, more writing, bigger opportunities.


Make a list of your strengths

- Evaluate them and double check to make sure you aren’t selling yourself short!

- You could ask those who are close to you if they would add something that you may not have thought of.

- From here you can look into careers where you would excel with these skills and go from there. You can see if any spark your interest or if any seem to call your name.

- Don’t be scared if one does that you have never considered before, this could be an exciting next step for you in your career.


Self evaluate

- Think of any jobs over the years that have sparked your interest.

- You can also discuss with other people what they think may work for you as they will have a different view of you than yourself so may have spotted a job they think you would excel in. Doing this will give you more options and pathways you have never thought of before.


Try career aptitude tests

- There are so many tests online that tell you what you would be perfect at based on your values, skill set and own goals.

- These can be great but they can also be generic. This is fine, though, as every result you get that you do not think is right for you is another step closer to finding out exactly what is!

- If you are not excited by the career that is recommended for you, you can easily cross it off your list but it could be worth thinking why the test may have chosen it. You can then look for jobs with similar skills that would suit your needs better.



- It can take a lot of hard work to pursue a dream job. It is not always an easy feat.

- It can take a while to get into your dream industry if you never have before, you will need to persevere through this and not lose hope.

- To help with this perseverance you can always sign up to an agency for help, here at The Graduate Project we offer a tailored experience specifically for you. They can help you in your search, finding you the job you want.


It is never too late

- There is no checklist in life that claims you have to have found your dream career when you are young.

- It can take years to know what you like and what your dream career is.

- Pursue your goals whenever you can and take every opportunity possible to further advance your dream career, age does not need to be a factor.



- Money is not everything but it needs to be taken into consideration if you are going to pursue a new career.

- If your dream job offers a liveable wage, why not go for it!

- If it does not, then why not work on it alongside another job until it becomes a reasonable way of living.

- You may not earn as much as you would in another industry. However, the reward of enjoying your work would hopefully be enough for you!