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Innovative Britain - No Job Needed for Top Global University Graduates

  • August 10, 2021
Innovative Britain - No Job Needed for Top Global University Graduates

Top Global University Graduates no longer have to have a job lined up to acquire a visa to live in the UK.

The High Potential Individual Route is a suggested plan by the Government in an attempt to raise the UK’s level of innovation. The government is opting to make alterations to visa applications, specifically, educated individuals from globally renowned universities will no longer need a job lined up for them to gain access to a visa. This is because of the likely potential they will bring with them, as proven by their education.

They believe that this will vastly improve the country’s prospects and will help them fulfill their ‘UK Innovation Strategy’ in which they envision that the country will become a ‘global hub for innovation’ with this being planned to be completed by 2035.

This is a huge step for the country and will actively encourage people with a lot to offer to migrate to the UK.

The individual would not have to worry if they were wanting to change careers nor worrying about the possibility of losing a job. This new path allows them to be flexible with their working, giving them time to get the perfect job for them without the concern of not fulfilling the duties they would need to do with a regular visa.

Not only does this benefit the individual, it also benefits employers too since diversity in a workplace can promote innovative thinking that will allow for improvements and new opportunities for companies.

Access to overseas talent is seen as especially key in this new plan since the Government believes that it is critical to have diversity in order to encourage the ‘growth and competitiveness of high-growth businesses’ within the UK’s workforce, particularly with Brexit as it makes the country more appealing.


This plan will be a huge step forward for the country when it goes ahead. However, there are a few questions that need to be answered. For example:

  • There is no set date for these visas being introduced.
  • There is no specification on what would be considered a ‘top global university’.
  • There are no terms and conditions further than this as to what transforms an individual into a High Potential Individual.


This is specifically what the plan states around this new visa scheme:

‘the UK government will introduce a new High Potential Individual route to make it as simple as possible for internationally mobile individuals who demonstrate high potential to come to the UK. Eligibility will be open to applicants who have graduated from a top global university. The UK government will explore the scope to expand eligibility to other characteristics of high potential. There will be no job offer requirement, giving individuals the flexibility to work, switch jobs or employers and make contributions to the UK economy. The route will also allow eligible individuals to extend their visa and settle in the UK, subject to meeting specific requirements’


For the full Government Plan follow this link:

UK innovation strategy (