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Find the Perfect University Society For You

  • August 26, 2021
Find the Perfect University Society For You

University Societies… There are likely hundreds to choose from when at your desired uni. You will likely be introduced to most of them at your Freshers Fair. Alongside all the freebies handed out to you, you will have people trying to interest you in following your passions and joining their society.

Or, if the wait for your first week at uni feels too far away, you can research what your university has to offer in terms of their offered societies.

Societies can be a great way to meet like minded people who you may never have gotten the chance to meet and, as a result, form new lasting friendships with people who enjoy the same stuff that you do.

Unis offer up an array of societies, it would be hard to find one that did not meet your interests as there are so many to choose from.

Now, what sorts of societies are there? Here is a short guide to what you can expect going into university:



You will likely come across a good number of sport societies. Football, netball, swimming, hockey, the list goes on. These sorts of societies are usually always present in a university as they are so popular in general. So, if you are the sporty type, you will more than likely find a place that has your preferred sport. Or, if you would like to start a new sport, this is the perfect opportunity to take it up!


Do you like speaking up for what you believe is right? If yes, unis will usually have societies that take a stand in the politics of today. Activism societies are a great way to find friends who want to change the world in the same way that you do. You will be doing fulfilling and meaningful activities every time you get together.


Maybe you like a slightly more relaxed environment to sit and have fun in? Societies like those relating to board games, video games, chess, etc. can be the perfect answer. As someone who loves a board game, the board game nights I went to at university were a lot of fun! These socials tend to be very chilled out in comparison to big sporting socials for example.


You may be lucky to find a show or franchise-based society at your university that is one of your favourites. Some bigger ones like Harry Potter or Marvel are more likely to be found than lesser known ones but this does not mean there won’t be. Look out for your favourites! Or alternatively there may be a less specific society for you like anime or film societies where your biggest interests may lie.


Do you have a passion for anything musical? There is more than likely a society for you, whether it be a general one or specialised in your favourite instrument/genre/style. I know that my university had multiple societies for music, from Gospel Choirs to Rock. There is usually plenty of choice for someone who enjoys music.


Now, you may have a more unique desire from a society. This is where it pays to research what you are interested in as you never know what your uni will have to offer!

Here is a list of a few fun ones I have found at different universities:

Bath University’s WINE SOCIETY

Birmingham University’s SHAKESPEARE SOCIETY

Bristol University’s FROG SOCIETY

Durham University’s ASSASSINS SOCIETY

Exeter University’s QUIZZING SOCIETY

Newcastle University’s DRAG SOCIETY

Portsmouth University’s SKYDIVING SOCIETY

Sussex University’s MINECRAFT SOCIETY

Winchester University’s FASHION SOCIETY



Whether or not you want to look up your university’s societies in advance or if you would just rather be pleasantly surprised on the day by all the possibilities, I would highly recommend joining one as they help you fit right into the uni environment.

As well as this, societies will be run by older students and so you will have a group of people who can offer advice as well as who share your interests! I personally joined the society that was created specifically for my course, and it was a great way to settle into university as all the freshers in the society were going through very similar experiences as me.