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Social Media and the Hiring Process

  • July 08, 2021
Social Media and the Hiring Process

The odds are that you have an account on at least one of these social media platforms. However, are you taking full advantage of your social media presence?

With just over 3 quarters of the UK population signed up to a social media site, these platforms are one of the most accessible ways to get messages out to the public.

It therefore makes sense that businesses utilise this knowledge to spread the word about their own company and any new jobs they have going. Since around 70% of smaller businesses have an active social media presence, with this percentage only increasing with the size of the company, it is imperative that you are keeping up with these companies.

Since social media is so prevalent nowadays it makes sense that companies use these platforms to draw attention to their new roles. Therefore, it is key to keep up to date with your favourite companies as you never know when a new role will become available and so an instant notification when it does is essential in the competitive career climate.

This is mostly done through LinkedIn since, as stated on their website:

‘You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career.

A complete LinkedIn profile can help you connect with opportunities by showcasing your unique professional story through experience, skills, and education.’

It is therefore essential to be signed up to this platform as it completely revolves around careers. Whether you are following specific companies to hear directly from them about upcoming roles or if you follow recruitment companies who can offer a variety of jobs from an array of companies, LinkedIn offers fast, easy access to a new job.

Here at The Graduate Project, we ensure that we regularly update our LinkedIn, which you can follow from this link

Being connected to pages like our one will mean you are notified as soon as a new job gets put on the account, from Kickstart Schemes to Full Time Positions. This is key for a Graduate looking for a job as you will have the benefit of being one of the first to apply to a job and will never miss out on the opportunity to apply for your dream job.

These platforms also mean less time spent relentlessly searching through job sites or having the stress of possibly missing out on jobs that would be well suited for you. Instead, getting a tailored social media experience based on your preferences, from companies you are interested in.

As well as LinkedIn, there are also Twitter, Instagram and Facebook which offer a solution for job searches. Whichever your preferred social media site, TGP has a presence. As with LinkedIn, sites like ours will regularly post new job positions as well as sharing any relevant news, updates and success stories that relate to our company!

You can easily use key terms to search these sites to look for exactly what you want. This allows you to skip through all of the jobs that do not apply to you. An example of this would be searching through hashtags like:

#JobsInLondon #KickstartScheme #RecruitmentJobs

With such easy access to countless jobs at your fingertips, it is clear just how beneficial using these social media platforms are to step up your career searching path.

So, be sure to keep connected in this digital age and closely follow the social media job advertising presence!


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Written by Kayleigh Berry