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How to Stay Motivated During the Job Searching Process

  • July 22, 2021
How to Stay Motivated During the Job Searching Process

It is hard to stay motivated when searching for a new job. It can feel like an endless string of rejections. Or worse, the forever unsatisfying reality that the companies yet to reply, simply will not give your application a response. However, it is important to try to stay focused and driven in your job searching process.

Here are some tips to keep on top of the process:

Create a Schedule

If you can create a layout for your day and stick to it you will feel more productive, even if you do not hear back from any jobs.

Firstly, make a checklist of everything that you want to achieve in your job search that day, this way you can keep on top of what you have done and still need to do.

Knowing that you have done your allocated time for job searching and checking off your achievements for the day will keep you motivated as you will know that you are one check closer to achieving your goals of the day.


o Research the company you are interested in.

o Write a cover letter for ______ job application.

o Send out resumes to ______ companies.


Achievable Goals

Ensure that the schedule you have is realistic. If your schedule takes up all of your free time it is unachievable as it will be impossible to always be working on it.

If you aim to do more in a day than you are capable of then it is unachievable.

If you are unsure what is too much for you, take a day without planning and note down everything you get done in a set amount of time. This will act as a base for your schedule that you can tailor depending on how much time you have per day!



In order to make the most out of your job searching process, make sure to research every company you are applying for and alter your applications to suit their desires.

Companies will be more interested in you if your CV and cover letter matches up with what they are looking for. Meaning you will be more successful and more likely to hear back from a company.

Researching will also make you feel better about your applications as they will feel more like accomplishments than anything you send off without giving it too much thought.


Sign up to Recruitment Companies

Using a company like The Graduate Project allows you to also get help tailored for you.

This will ease some of the pressure from you as you will be being helped to look for the best jobs with companies looking specifically for a candidate like you.

The company will also help you personally, helping to make sure you are making the most out of the time and consequently you will be less likely to lose motivation since you will also have somebody else rooting for you to succeed.


Free Time

Make sure to dedicate time for leisure. You are a human; you need a break.

Allowing yourself time to relax to do the things you love will prevent you from being overwhelmed and exhausted in the job searching process. You do not want to feel burnt out so free time is key.

Keeping your mind preoccupied will also be important to prevent demotivation as you will be able to switch off from the process completely and not have the mental struggle intertwine with your time away from it.


Reassure yourself

Looking for a job is hard and tedious. Remember this if you are not seeing immediate, positive outcomes.

Finding out you were not successful can seem like a big blow, but you just have to know that there is something else out there that is better suited for you.

Try your best to tell yourself you are doing a good job. This might sound hard but if you look at your checklist, you will see just how much you have done already!