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How to help your children get their foot in the job market

  • April 01, 2021
How to help your children get their foot in the job market

Since returning home from university, has your child’s lack of direction been holding him back? If you find yourself worrying about his career prospects and future, this blog is a must read.

The current job market is extremely competitive and cutthroat, and the inability to secure a permanent job can take a heavy toll. Below is a list of top tips to help graduates get their foot in the job market:

  1. Gain work experience

The reality that many graduates are now facing is that a good degree is not enough on its own, and it doesn’t differentiate you from the hundreds of thousands of other applicants who meet the minimum academic requirements.

In the real world, greater emphasis is placed on how much value you can add in the workplace. Graduate employers are actively seeking out graduates who have varied work experience under their belt. If your son or daughter’s CV does not demonstrate what they are capable of in the workplace, they will struggle when it comes to finding a graduate job, and work experience such as shadowing, internships, volunteering and placements are highly recommended.

  1. Tap into your network

If you have any professional contacts or if there is anyone in your network that can be of help, reach out them and see if there are any opportunities available. It is possible that they might have a graduate opening and if not, they could pass the message on to their network. The skill of networking is overlooked and the varying perspectives that you get can help your child get some direction in terms of their career.

  1. Hire a graduate coach

Hiring a professional career coach who specialises in graduate careers will help your child to find direction and discover their career path. It is likely that your child hasn’t received any personalised career advice. A good graduate coach can:

  • Work out the best career for them
  • Help write a top-quality CV
  • Work on personal and professional development
  • Help identify employability skills


  1. Encourage them to stay proactive

It takes some graduates months and other years to find a good graduate job that they enjoy. 

Encourage your son or daughter to keep themselves busy during their job search. For example, they can take online courses to boost their employability skills and pursuing a range of activities can help them find direction and more importantly, establish a balance.

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