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Kickstart Scheme - Questions and Answers

  • September 11, 2020
Kickstart Scheme - Questions and Answers

As you may be aware, the Kickstart Scheme is now open for registration.

The Graduate Project has been in in communication with the DWP regarding some unanswered questions and we do have some updates for you.
Please see some of the questions we have managed to get some answers to regarding the Kickstart Scheme below:

Q) What is the average processing time for an application?

A) DWP staff has just started assessing applications and therefore processing time may be quicker than the four weeks shown. However, this is expected to fluctuate as demand increases.

Q) Does the job centre match the candidates to the role, or will organisations be able to align candidates to the individual employers’ requirements?

A) Currently the DWP Work Coach will match and submit suitable candidates directly to the recruiting employer, not via a representative for further vetting.

We are having constant conversations on this point and hope to have an update in the coming weeks.

Q) Do all candidates have to come via the job centre, or will some applicants be able to apply via our own advertisements/job boards?

A) At present, the only referral route now is via the DWP Work Coach.

(Please note that all must be under 25 and have claimed Universal Credit for at least 6 months)

Q) Does the job centre conduct 1st stage interviews before forwarding shortlists?

A) The Work Coach will understand the capability of the customer and refer directly to the employer.

Q) How is training assessed/monitored, regarding both general and work based?

A) The narrative is assessed as part of the initial bid process. DWP plan to assess the level of support and experience provided through regular review, but more details will be available once formalised. It is not yet clear how this will be monitored, but there will be regular meeting with DWP Work Coach – so there will be an opportunity for the jobcentre to find out about how the placement is going this way.

If you are interested in taking part in the Kickstart scheme or simply need general recruitment advice please do give us a call on 0207 043 4629 or via email at and The Graduate Project will be happy to help.