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Will there be a return to the office?

  • August 26, 2020
Will there be a return to the office?

As a result of COVID-19, many companies have moved to remote working in response to lockdown measures. While many businesses have redesigned their offices to account for social distancing measures to give employees the confidence to return, many workers still fear returning, until a vaccine is available. 

Nevertheless, many large and small companies are planning reopening’s or have already begun welcoming people back to the office. The BBC recently questioned 50 big employers, ranging from banks to retailers to get a sense of when they expect employees to return. 

While 20 companies have opened their offices, some 24 said that they did not have any plans for a return to the workspace. Among those surveyed was Facebook, who said it does not have a plan for employees to return until July next year. Many firms said they were unable to accommodate large numbers of employees in the office while still maintaining social distancing measures to keep them safe. 

To find more space for the people who do need to be there in person, corporate offices are already planning to do things like space out desks and invite people to stagger the days they’re in the office. The pandemic has prompted a massive shift in how the world is thinking about office life. Is it safe for you to go back to work before a vaccine is available? There are simply too many factors for anyone to offer certainty. 

Speaking to our clients, we believe that majority of business’s are trying to implement a ‘get back to work’ structure. Employers are asking staff to come into work as gradually and one week on, one week off. This will give employees a chance to get back into work whilst also taking precautions.  

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By Anirudh Nair