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Finance jobs in high demand, why?

  • July 21, 2020
Finance jobs in high demand, why?

The finance industry is an exciting global industry that is constantly advancing and expanding. Companies are expanding to new areas of the world and with this expansion, comes a high demand for finance professionals. What’s more is that the financial sector also offers a higher-than-average starting salary - yet the profits of career in the finance sector don’t just end with a pay cheque.

Here are a few reasons why many graduates are looking to move into the finance sector:

  1. The financial sector is a dynamic industry

The digital age has disrupted businesses and those that haven’t embraced change have disappeared into oblivion. The technological advancements and shifts towards client expectations present countless opportunities for those who are thinking of pursuing a career in finance.

What this means for graduate finance jobs is that they tend to be both fast-paced and varied and for someone who thrives under pressure and loves being kept on their toes, finance graduate jobs are a great choice. 

  1. Clear pathways for growth

If you are looking for a career with clear progression routes, finance is the career for you. The growth opportunities are endless, whether it’s within the same company or elsewhere. As a graduate, it’s unlikely that you’ll given as much responsibility in any sector other than finance, meaning that it will be a steep learning curve from the very start.

  1. Worldwide market

There is a financial sector in every country of the world. Technology is making the global financial industry more integrated now more than ever before. It is easier to work overseas compared to several years ago. 

Just by possessing language skills, you increase your ability to communicate with clients from other areas of the world and since finance is a global business, this level of communication is incredibly valuable.

  1. Educational opportunities

Employers are generous when it comes to career advancement. They are more than willing to pay for those online financial courses since they know the value will be felt by the company. The employers will be willing to fund masters or a doctorate degree if they find that the training will increase your professional worth. 

  1. There is an array of graduate roles available

A great thing about the graduate job opportunities within the finance sector is that they are hugely varied. Within the financial sector, there are a number of smaller sectors, which split into further divisions, teams, and eventually individual roles

Furthermore, within finance you will be able to find a job that matches your skill set, whatever your background and degree subject.

  1. High salary potential

This is one of the packs that come with a career in finance. Graduate salaries are competitive, and it gets better when you stay in the job for a while. There will always be a demand for the right candidates. 

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By Anirudh Nair