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Preparing for Online Interviews

  • June 11, 2020
Preparing for Online Interviews

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an interruption for businesses around the world and brought upon an unsettling time. With no end in sight, employers are gradually accepting ‘remote recruitment’ and the processes that accompanies it. Although some businesses may have stopped hiring during this period of time, there are still many that are recruiting people for now and the future.

The primary change however, is that interviews are now taken place remotely, online. With technological developments in recent years, online interviews aren’t a new concept for many companies, and neither is the use of technology within recruitment.

Below are some tips to help you prepare and succeed as well as common mistakes to avoid during your online interview:

  1. Test-run; Test your technology

The most common form of online interviews are video calls and in this day and age, technology can become overwhelming, especially under the pressures of an interview. Therefore, you need to feel comfortable using whichever platform your prospective employer prefers (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.)

Make sure you test that your internet connection is running smoothly, your webcam is working, and your audio is clear. It is also advised to use earphones, so the interviewer can hear you as clearly as possible.

  1. Dress for success and dress to impress!

Despite not meeting your interviewer in person, make sure you are dressed appropriately, just as you would be for a face to face interview. First impressions last and your appearance is integral to making a good one. It is also important to remember to have a full outfit on, just in case you need to stand up or move around.

  1. Eye contact and body language

Even in an online environment, eye contact is important as it shows you are focused and confident. Ensure you are always looking at the webcam and not the individual on the screen. Body language is also important in an interview and is even harder to read through a video call, so be aware of your non-verbal cues. Show signs of receptiveness by smiling and nodding and remember to sit up straight.

  1. Eliminate distractions and check your background

You need to be fully engaged with the interviewer throughout the interview, so eliminate all distractions. Ensuring you are in a quiet space with minimal background noise, where you will not have anyone to disrupt your interview and having a clean background is key – somewhere with natural light will be ideal. Remember to keep your phone on silent or hidden away, so your eyes don’t divert from your screen!

  1. Calm your nerves

Finally, remember to remain calm. Practice your main talking points and answers beforehand if you are feeling nervous and try to speak at a constant pace – it can be easy to talk over people in an online interview. Practice listening carefully and speaking slowly and clearly. The more you practice, the more confident you will be during the actual call.

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By Anirudh Nair