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Why the sales industry has become attractive to graduates

  • December 17, 2019
Why the sales industry has become attractive to graduates

While working in sales can be challenging, it can be rewarding both in terms of job satisfaction and annual income. If you’re a recent graduate (or soon to be), then a future career in sales is well worth considering.

‘I have a specific degree… so why Sales?’

University degrees are diverse and can cultivate various skills, regardless of the field. It might not be evident, but university has inadvertently increased your communication skills, teamwork, and critical thinking – all significant skills within sales. It doesn’t matter what course you took at university; you will have picked up skills which are required for a job in sales.

Finding the right vacancy can be a strenuous task and with sales you can set yourself on the path to a large annual salary and great career progression, with some of the wealthiest people on the planet having started out in sales. 

What kind of Sales can I do?

There’s more to sales than immediately meets the eye, and this is one of the most varied industries you could work in. Every company has something to sell and a brand to create, so demand is high and there are always sales jobs out there. With every sales role, there’s more going on behind the scenes – even with the direct sales roles.

You could consider recruitment, for instance, matching job seekers to their perfect role. There are Account Manager roles available for every industry imaginable and the people you meet and experiences you could have are unmatched. There are also business development executives who are tasked with building partnerships and cultivating trade between companies.  These all fall under the term ‘sales’, and most will require someone with a degree and a focused business mind.

What are the Perks?

Many companies will go out of their way to keep their best salespeople on board.  On top of a nice base salary, you might also find you can earn bonuses and commission for selling well, and often your commission is uncapped. That could see you earning a very healthy annual income, in comparison to various ‘graduate level’ roles on offer.

This is also a great field to work in if you like social interaction and enjoy talking to people. Selling is, after all, about building relationships and the personal touch.

Every company needs salespeople, so demand is high and new jobs always become available.  Find the right sales role for you, and you could be about to embark on a very exciting career.