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Global Warming and the Workplace

  • September 30, 2021
Global Warming and the Workplace

We would all like to make a difference in the world, especially when it comes to saving it in any way possible. Preventing global warming is a very daunting task and there are a lot of ways to help with this mission. Whether you now recycle more, buy more secondhand, or try to prevent unnecessary waste, you are trying to help save the planet one step at a time. These steps are crucial but they are not the only way.

More and more jobs are arising that set out to save our world from all of the pollution that humans create. From Biotechnology to Media Studies, the roles in a career surrounding the prevention of Climate Change can vary a lot, meaning there is an opportunity for almost anyone who would like to find a job in this field.

Global warming has obviously had a huge impact on the world in too many ways to count. However, it is beginning to be focused on by the working world - this means that there are more and more jobs being created in the world in order to cater to this growing passion to save our planet!

Global Warming: the increase in the overall temperature of the Earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, it is a huge source of anxiety for millions of people worldwide. From top scientists to concerned young people trying to save the planet they will be living in for the rest of their lives, this is a term we would preferably like to see less and less of as a result of healing the planet.


In efforts to try to reverse some of the effects of global warming, the government is planning on creating more Green Jobs (jobs that contribute to trying to the prevention of climate change).

Back in November 2020, the UK government launched a Green Jobs Taskforce in order to create 2 million skilled jobs in an attempt to develop the country in a new, green way with a plan to reach net zero emissions by the year 2050.

This Green Jobs Taskforce will set out to create new long-term, good quality, green jobs by the year 2030, they will also advise what support will be needed for anyone who is in a transitioning industry. It will be the push on these green jobs that will drive the industry forward in the attempt to attain a high-skill, low carbon economy.

This is particularly good to see as around 60% of young people claimed to be very worried about the effects of climate change on the world. As young people are so concerned, it is good

that there are goals set in place that will directly help their future and allow them to go into a career wherein they can have a meaningful effect on the world’s stability.


With all of these new measures put in place to provide a greener future for the planet, the environmentally friendly career route is becoming more and more achievable for millions of people. So if you are particularly passionate about helping to save the planet, this could be the perfect time for you to steer your career towards a greener future.

Currently there are around 410,000 Green Jobs, but with the Government’s push for 2 million new jobs by 2030, there are a lot of emerging roles perfect for an array of people.


Some of the best jobs for you if you want to help fight climate change:

Climatologist- £20k-£23k starting salary (A climatologist studies weather patterns over a period of time. Their work is similar to that of meteorologists but focuses on a much longer timescale, studying trends over months, years or even centuries.)

Geoscientist- £28k-£35k starting salary (Geoscience is a broad discipline and the term geoscientist refers to anyone whose work focuses on the earth's systems. Geoscientists are often involved in the discovery and development of commercially viable and exploitable reserves of natural resources, such as oil, gas, minerals and water.)

Environmental Engineer- £18k-£28k starting salary (Environmental engineers are involved in managing and reducing waste and minimising pollution in order to protect, restore and preserve the planet.)