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Job Description

Company and role overview –

Are you prepared to contribute significantly to a prominent organization in London? We're in search of an accomplished Senior Business Analyst to lead substantial change in our Operating Businesses and stakeholder interactions. This entails a 12-month contract, with the possibility of a 12-month extension, providing an opportunity to be part of a genuinely dynamic and influential initiative.
Main responsibilities –
  • Change Management Specialist: Lead the way in overseeing and monitoring continuous changes to requirements through established change control procedures
  • Analytics-Driven Decision Maker: Uncover, compile, analyse, suggest, and present information that enables informed decisions without leaving a trace
  • Influence with Effectiveness: Take charge of the Business Analyst role in particular projects and initiatives, driving change throughout each phase discreetly
  • Time Management Mastery: Strategically plan and allocate resources, ensuring the achievement of project objectives within the defined project scope without leaving a trace

Requirements –
  • Proven skill in extracting, comprehending, and documenting both business and system requirements through past experiences
  • Previous engagement in IT development endeavours, preferably employing iterative software methodologies such as Agile
  • Hands-on involvement in modelling, analysing, and consolidating documentation related to business processes

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