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Our client specialises in purchasing both new and used gaming machines from casinos and new machine manufacturers across Europe. With operations spanning numerous European countries, your client is dedicated to sourcing, inspecting, and transporting high-quality slot machines to meet the demands of the gaming industry.
We are seeking a highly motivated and capable Purchasing & Logistics Manager to join our team.
The Purchasing & Logistics Manager will play a crucial role in our client's shipping operations. This role involves sourcing, negotiating, inspecting, and coordinating the purchase, transport, and shipping of gaming machines from suppliers across Europe.


Overview of Shipping Operations:
  • Source used gaming machines from casinos in various European countries.
  • Contact casinos throughout Europe to explore the possibility of purchasing their old/unwanted slot machines.
  • Negotiate the purchase price to ensure cost-effectiveness.
  • Inspect the condition and quality of the machines from our suppliers.
  • Coordinate payment terms with your client's accounting department.
  • Oversee the collection, shipping, and transportation of purchased slot machines from suppliers.

Workflow and Processes:
  • The Shipping Manager will be responsible for the end-to-end process of sourcing, inspecting, and transporting the purchased slot machines. The typical workflow will include identifying potential suppliers, negotiating purchase terms, conducting inspections, and ensuring safe and efficient transportation to your client's facilities.

Software and Systems:
  • The Shipping Manager will need to implement suitable software or systems for tracking and managing shipments to enhance efficiency and accuracy in our operations.

Shipping Team Composition:
  • The Shipping Manager will work alongside one other team member to accomplish the tasks related to shipping and logistics.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements:
  • It's important for the Shipping Manager to be aware that licensing requirements for the gaming industry can vary from country to country. Understanding and adhering to these varying regulations is crucial to your client's business operations.

Interdepartmental Collaboration:
  • This role involves close interaction with various departments within the organization. The Shipping Manager will collaborate with the procurement department to negotiate cost-effective purchases, work with customer service to ensure timely delivery, and coordinate with warehouse management to ensure proper storage and handling of incoming shipments.


  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Proficiency in purchasing and negotiation.
  • A comprehensive understanding of shipping methods, including road, sea, and air transportation.

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