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Performing Arts Administrator


Job Description

Company and Role Overview 

An exciting opportunity awaits a talented graduate in performing arts to provide administrative support to renowned music and drama departments within a prestigious organiastion. In the role  Performing Arts - Administrative Assistant, you'll be instrumental in ensuring seamless operations and supporting extracurricular initiatives.

Main Responsibilities

  • Coordinating extracurricular events, outings, and artist residencies, with occasional participation
  • Supervising inventory of sheet music and musical instruments for the music department
  • Creating promotional materials for performances
  • Assisting with filming and recording of exam submissions and extracurricular events
  • Providing technical support to the drama department
  • Seeking a candidate with extensive knowledge in music and drama, as well as outstanding communication and organizational skills


  • University degree in performing arts or similar.
  • An individual boasting a multifaceted expertise spanning the realms of both music and drama.
  • Robust communication and organizational prowess, ensuring seamless collaboration and execution of projects.
  • A confident individual inspiring those around you to reach new heights of creativity and excellence.

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