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Job Description

Company and Role Overview 

In this position, you'll collaborate extensively with the pertinent Marketing and Fundraising units to enhance visibility among specified target demographics. Your duties will involve overseeing press and media strategies to achieve fundraising and brand awareness objectives, bolstering the organization's reputation as authorities in children's palliative care.

Main Responsibilities 

  • Develop original and captivating content and ideas for fundraising, brand awareness, and advocacy initiatives, with the goal of increasing specific engagement and showcasing the organization's endeavours to meet their fundraising targets at both national and local levels
  • Devise creative and impactful content and concepts for fundraising, brand awareness, and advocacy endeavours, with the aim of amplifying targeted engagement and spotlighting the organization's endeavours to attain their fundraising objectives on both a national and local level
  • Foster and maintain meaningful relationships with public figures to elevate our client's visibility among vital audiences
  • Generate a wide array of content, featuring interviews with families navigating the difficulties of caring for seriously ill children, and distribute it across multiple platforms to reach diverse audiences
  • Aid in carrying out media appeals, spanning across press and radio platforms
  • Forge and foster constructive relationships with key external contacts, including supporters, influential figures, organizational leaders, committees, media connections, and suppliers


  • Bachelor's degree (preferred but not essential)
  • Demonstrated track record in managing press office operations
  • Demonstrated experience in charitable work or small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) settings
  • Experience in volunteer/intern management
  • Effective communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Proficiency in developing and delivering compelling presentations

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