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Job Description

Company and role overview –

The position involves crafting and executing marketing strategies for various fundraising campaigns and initiatives, aligning with organizational goals for income and engagement. This presents an excellent chance to contribute to the fundraising team. If you possess experience in formulating and implementing marketing plans for fundraising campaigns, thrive in collaborative environments, and enjoy being part of a multi-disciplinary project team focused on maximizing fundraising income, we would be delighted to receive your application.

Main responsibilities –

  • Collaborating within multi-disciplinary project teams to outline marketing needs for fundraising campaigns and engagement initiatives
  • Developing and executing marketing plans to enhance fundraising income is a key aspect of the role
  • Engaging with stakeholders to articulate and detail how marketing activities will play a role in and contribute to achieving fundraising objectives
  • Provide guidance on pivotal channels and strategies for achieving objectives, spanning from awareness to conversion
  • Oversee the daily operations of creative agencies handling campaign-related tasks
  • Develop messaging approaches and create compelling copy

Requirements –

  • Familiarity with campaigns aimed at raising funds, diverse fundraising strategies, and digital fundraising platforms
  • Background in strategizing marketing initiatives or managing projects for campaigns designed to prompt audience engagement and action
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities, along with effective presentation skills
  • Background in fundraising for both international and national causes
  • Proficient in project management, capable of deploying project management methodologies

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