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Job Description

Company and Role Overview 

The Senior Test Analyst is tasked with designing and implementing various software testing procedures across the agile development lifecycle of revenue, online, and corporate systems. This role requires providing specialized knowledge to ensure that the software developed aligns with the quality standards and expectations of stakeholders within the company.

Main Responsibilities 

  • Supervising a team consisting of 2-3 Junior Test Analysts with a budget allocation of up to £150k
  • Collaborating with Technology Development and stakeholders to ensure thorough testing of all software, guided by senior test members using Agile methodologies
  • Developing test cases and implementing the test strategy based on predefined testing methodologies, ensuring alignment between testing procedures and the specified requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Prioritizing automated test procedures over manual testing whenever possible and more effective
  • Evaluating Non-Functional requirements and collaborating with Architects to contribute insights for the Non-Functional test strategy


  • Preferred qualifications include a degree in a relevant field or certification in systems testing
  • Proficient in systems testing technologies and methodologies, with a focus on Agile practices
  • Possesses strong analytical abilities, problem-solving skills, and meticulous attention to detail
  • Familiarity with programming languages such as C#
  • Vast experience in working collaboratively with software development teams in multi-vendor settings to iteratively deliver systems that undergo efficient and high-quality testing

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