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Job Description

Are you ready to shape the future of London's transportation? Transport for London (TfL) is on the lookout for a dynamic Senior Software Developer to lead the charge in implementing cutting-edge software solutions. This is not just a job; it's an opportunity to make a lasting impact on one of the world's most iconic transport systems.

Why Us:

As a Senior Software Developer at TfL, you'll be at the forefront of designing, developing, and configuring applications that power our Revenue, Online, and Corporate domains. Join us on this 24-month contract with the exciting potential for a 12-month extension.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Tech Maestro: Design, develop, and configure applications, components, and tools following the technical plans set by our Development Technical Lead.
  • Standards Champion: Contribute to and follow Software Development Standards and Best Practices, taking ownership of complex technical development challenges alongside our expert team.
  • Team Player: Organize, conduct, or participate in meetings and delivery events, ensuring quality and efficiency in our agile environment.
  • Quality Upholder: Uphold the principles and standards of Technology and Data, delivering work that's high quality, robust, and aligned with agile priorities.
  • Strategic Planner: Take charge of development plans, forecasts, and budgetary estimates, ensuring consistent and timely project planning.
  • Governance Support: Create technical material for governance processes, including architecture and change review.
  • Tech Visionary: Provide development expertise and insight for the evaluation of new technologies, keeping us at the forefront of innovation.
  • Defect Fixer: Fix software application defects in line with agreed developer operations practices, ensuring our applications run seamlessly.

Expertise Required:

  • Tech Savvy: Your expertise lies in designing, developing, and configuring applications with a strong focus on quality.
  • Standards Aficionado: You're committed to following and contributing to Software Development Standards and Best Practices, ensuring excellence in every project.
  • Team Dynamo: Meetings and delivery events are your playground, ensuring efficient communication and fostering a collaborative team environment.
  • Quality Advocate: You uphold the principles and standards of Technology and Data, delivering work that exceeds expectations.
  • Strategic Mindset: Your ability to plan development, forecast, and estimate budgets makes you a crucial part of our strategic vision.
  • Governance Guru: Your knack for creating technical material supports crucial governance processes, showcasing your commitment to robust systems.
  • Tech Trailblazer: Your insights into new technologies keep us on the cutting edge, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.
  • Defect Detective: Fixing software defects is second nature to you, and you ensure our applications run seamlessly.
Join Our Innovation Journey:
This is a rare chance to be part of a transformative journey at the heart of London's transportation. Apply today and let your skills shape the future.
2-year contract with a possible 12-month extension.
Lead the way in shaping London's transport tech—apply now!


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