Job Description

Company & Role Overview

We are recruiting for a Product Design Lead position in the eCommerce industry, the role will require a successful candidate to lead a team to support the overall growth of the company. A desirable candidate will have the ability to lead a team successfully and pushing new user research methods from the stages of development into existence. Following development, the new methods will require continuous analysis regarding their effectiveness with customers.

Main Responsibilities

  • Main responsibilities will include leading and developing a team to successful outcomes
  • Experience of undertaking an authoritative role is essential
  • Customer research and product assessment from idea to use
  • Producing wireframes, prototypes and user flows surrounding customer needs
  • Utilising data in combination with consumer research to establish customer focused products
  • Capable of analysing consumer research to enhance current projects
  • Be able to critically think to find new and improved ways applying design thinking to respond to UX concerns
  • Produce and execute style guide and guarantee UX/Design and managing design sprints

Important Requirements (Essential)

  • A successful candidate must be knowledgeable with agile and design sprints
  • 7-10 years of experience with UX/Product Design including consumer research
  • 3 years of experience as a design manager
  • Must have a portfolio that includes Product Design/UX work from a number of previous employments or projects

Requirements (Desirable)

  • Experience in the Ecommerce industry  
  • Expertise in technical areas including creating prototypes, Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Knowledgeable with Design computer software such as Sketch and InVision
  • A relevant degree or qualification

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