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Job Description

Company And Role Overview

The position involves providing direct support to two executive directors of the company, handling tasks such as diary and email management, as well as attending meetings to record minutes. Additionally, responsibilities will extend to various administrative functions overseen by the directors, encompassing HR administration, office management, coordination of company retreats, and oversight of our Information Security Management System.

Main Responsibilities

  • Coordination of schedules, emails, and phone calls for 2 directors (including meeting participation and note-taking)
  • Oversight of staff training utilizing iHASCO and Cybsafe platforms
  • Collaboration with the accounts department on payroll matters
  • Arranging corporate retreats and team-building events
  • Overseeing internal projects and certain customer initiatives
  • Conducting the annual office health and safety risk assessment and overseeing subsequent actions


  • Proficient and polished in written and verbal communication, with the expectation of engaging with high-level stakeholders in our customer organizations
  • Capable of swiftly grasping new software concepts—while not directly involved in technical tasks, understanding business discussions and client interactions is essential
  • Adhering precisely to organizational procedures and fostering a culture of compliance among employees, especially when dealing with unfamiliar processes
  • Exceptional organizational abilities, adept at prioritizing and managing tasks across various facets of the business and for multiple individuals

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